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Commercial Christmas Lighting

Are your premier properties set apart from the others in any way?

No doubt Christmas decorations make a statement about how you and others see the properties in your care. This is so much more than curb appeal. What if you could deliver to your client this kind of effect and have the neighborhood morale increase exponentially? Well, we at The Service Group believe you can!

The crux of the decision-making process for Christmas decorations is value vs. cost. Christmas decorating companies fall into two business models, those who require you to buy the lights and those who lease the lights to you. The following comparison defines the two and gives you a sense of how we are different.

Leasing vs. Buying Christmas Lights

Both models include the installation, maintenance, take down, and storage. However, the obvious difference is that buying requires a large capital investment including the risks and liability that go with ownership. The franchise model requires you to buy material from them for your install. This model doesn’t have a vested interest in the service because their profit is in the sale of the product. With The Service Group, YOU NEVER PAY FOR LIGHTS AGAIN! YOU ONLY PAY FOR A LIGHTING SERVICE!

Replacing Old or Broken Material

If you own the décor, there will be a charge for replacing old or broken material. The Service Group maintains and replaces the decorations both during the installation and “off season” where we painstakingly go through each and every bulb and strand changing out old or broken bulbs and wire. We boast a 24-hour service call resolution while the lights are installed on your property. We replace the lights and bows on our wreaths and garland each season… all at no cost. Don’t spend your money just to own worn-out decor! The Service Group replaces wreaths and garland when needed, again at no charge.

Many companies charge separately to take the lights down and some even charge to store them. If you own the lights what incentive does a company have to be careful with your material or to store it properly? The Service Group charges one set fee which includes installation, maintenance, removal, and storage. Do you have adequate space to store “your” décor? No worries, The Service Group has ample storage in its new, well-secured building. In short, our customer-driven business model provides the best value by saving you money in taking the financial risk of ownership without the penalty of buying lights. This puts the incentive to perform the BEST squarely on The Service Group, right where it belongs.

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